KORREK Pro: a new way to take care of your car

The coatings in the KORREK Pro product range are based on easy-to-use SiO2-based technology, which allows you to do your own thin-film ceramic coating. It is a good idea to protect the car regularly so that the various external scuffs are not directly applied to the lacquered surface of the car. KORREK Pro TFCTM Polymatrix ceramic tile is very easy and quick to install. The big difference compared to traditional wax is that the KORREK Pro TFC (TM) coating does not need to be machined and you do not have to wait for it to dry. In addition, KORREK Pro Series TFC (TM) products are suitable for all exterior car surfaces, so there is no need to be careful with the surfaces, unlike waxing. The ceramic coating also provides longer lasting protection than traditional car wax, because it is more resistant to eg various chemicals.

The car with KORREK Pro TFCTM coating repels dirt, which makes car washing much easier. The KORREK Pro product range also includes detergents that make cleaning the car easier and extend the life of the ceramic coating.

All KORREK Pro products have been developed and tested in Finland and are manufactured in Heinävesi, Finland.